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Pro Bono/No Cost Legal Services

For years I have provided no cost legal services to clients unable to afford an attorney, but I only do so for clients referred to me by The Volunteer Lawyers Project of Legal Action of Wisconsin. If you cannot afford an attorney I suggest you contact Legal Action of Wisconsin to see if it can help or refer you to an attorney that can. See my Resources page for contact information.

Initial Consultations

Medicaid & Family Care Counsel and Planning-I charge $300 per hour for my time during an initial consultation.

Guardianships, Probate, Estate & Trust Administration-I charge $300 per hour for my time during an initial consultation.

New Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts, and Alternative Estate Planning-I do not charge for an initial consultation.

All Other-In general I charge $300 per hour for my time answering other legal questions during an initial consultation.

 Email or Phone Questions-If you are not my current client I will answer any questions about the legal services I offer and the  fees I charge if you call me at my office. I cannot answer legal questions by email or over the telephone for anyone but my current clients.

Fees For Representation & Counsel

Planning, Counsel, and Representation to Qualify a Client or Client's Spouse for Medicaid, Family Care or other Medicaid Waiver Program Benefits- If a client requests additional assistance after an initial consultation I  inform the client in advance of my total fee and charges for the services requested and when the fee and charges are due. These cases vary greatly in their complexity and time and  services required, and therefore I must obtain and analyze  all the facts about your case before I determine the time it will take and my fee.

Guardianships, Probate, Estate & Trust Administration-I generally charge by the hour for my time spent in a guardianship proceeding and in probate and trust administrations. If my client prefers I can also quote a total fee, and work on a total/flat fee basis in typical  probate and trust administrations. 

Contested/litigated  probate and trust administrations and guardianships require much more time and I may require an advance payment of fees and costs.

New Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts, and Alternative Estate Planning- I have set fees for most new wills, powers of attorney,  trusts, and other documents used in estate and other advance planning. I  inform client's in advance of my  fee for the particular type of will, trust, power of attorney or other document requested.

Litigation, Appeals, and Other-My fee and charges will very depending on the facts and type of litigation or appeal involved. L:itigation in general is  time intensive and expensive.

Fee Agreement-After an initial consultation I use a signed fee agreement for the legal services requested.

Attorney fees

Attorney Bruce A. Tammi

Billing and Payment

Unless otherwise agreed in our fee agreement, payment of my fee  is due from my clients at the time our consultation has been completed or my services to the client have been completed or terminated per the client's direction.

I accept checks, cash, or credit cards.