Attorney Bruce A. Tammi

For over 40 years I have helped clients efficiently  complete probate administrations of persons with and without wills in the State of Wisconsin. My goal is to complete estate probate administrations in the least amount of time possible for the estate, minimize taxes,  and maximize tax benefits flowing to probate estate beneficiaries.

I have also represented persons  in contested and uncontested guardianship and protective services proceedings. I was on the member of the committee of the Elder Law Section of the State Bar of Wisconsin that was instrumental in drafting and helping enact Wisconsin's current guardianship and protective placement statutes so I know the law well. I also have represented clients in many contested hearings, court trials, jury trials, and appeals during my career, so I have the tools needed to defend or prosecute client rights

For many years I have assisted Wisconsinites to qualify for Wisconsin Medicaid, Family Care, and other Medicaid waiver programs that can pay for medical and long term care expenses in their home, in a nursing home,  or other long term care facility.

Wisconsin is fortunate to have more Medicaid related programs than most states which can provide both managed and self-directed long term care benefits for elderly and disabled persons, but these programs have strict asset and sometimes income limits. The programs also may have penalties if a person or his or her spouses transfers (gifts) assets, and  can be difficult to navigate and qualify for. On my resources page I have links for additional information about Wisconsin's  Family Care and other Medicaid related programs.

I am there for my clients if they or their spouse need need  nursing home or other long term care.  I represent and guide my clients through the application process and assist them in qualifying for the benefits they need as quickly as  is legitimately possible. In qualifying my clients for benefits I use state of the art planning techniques and believe in full disclosure and transparency in application process.  I work only with clients who fully disclose assets, income, and all other disclosures  required by government when applying for a particular benefit or program.

Probate and Guardianship

I provide counsel to you on how best to plan for possible disability, incapacity or death, and which of the following is the most effective and cost efficient for you:

  • Powers of attorney for finances and health and other advance directives
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Transfer on death, payable on death, and other non-probate methods of property transfer

Medicaid and Family Care

Advance Planning

For the people

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